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21 May 2015

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Look Deep
30 August 2014

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The Mountie Store (Redux)
15 October 2009

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Dock Jumpers
10 May 2009

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Attack of the Clones
25 September 2008

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Horse's Eye in Storm
7 October 2007

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Cooling fins
11 March 2007

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3 February 2007

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25 January 2007

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30 December 2006

Recent Comments

Harry on Bullwinkle Walking
Moose butt!

Harry on Spooky

Harry on Along the roadside
Lovely rural scene with a hint of autumn.

L'Angevine on Along the 16
oh beau ce ciel

Shaahin Bahremand on Along the 16
good shot

L'Angevine on Along the roadside

omid on Along the 16
very nice shot with beautiful composition, clouds, colors & lights! Lovely view!

ceteceva on Along the roadside
De belles couleurs !

L'Angevine on Spooky
oh bel effet

omid on Spooky
very nice shot with beautiful composition, clouds, tones & lighting! Amazing treatment!

Anne on Spooky
Great sky.

L'Angevine on Spooky
Intéressant ces bleus et effet

Moridi on Spooky
An interesting shot. Well done.

Robert D. Burr on Spooky
I have to wonder how many of those bees form the beehives have taken up residence inside

L'Angevine on Barn needs a re-build

Shaahin Bahremand on Barn needs a re-build
excellent shot

beach on Barn needs a re-build
Or to be torn down. Feel sorry for the old barn.

L'Angevine on Broken

L'Angevine on Township Road 574

Shaahin Bahremand on Township Road 574
good shot

L'Angevine on Township Road 574
bien la perspective

Anne on Township Road 574
Nice place!

L'Angevine on Township Road 574
bien cet automne

L'Angevine on A break from fishing
bien de près

Luca Bobbiesi on A break from fishing
Fantastic photo!

L'Angevine on Preparation for the winter

L'Angevine on Lucie on target

L'Angevine on Mossy Tree

Robert D. Burr on Mossy Tree
Very cool.

L'Angevine on Path

L'Angevine on Aiming
oh excellent ce cadrage

L'Angevine on Look Deep

MagentaStudios on In the backyard II
very nice colour.. So vivid I can smell it from here!

L'Angevine on Practise

Dimitrios on Practise
Cool shot

L'Angevine on Fred Usher Cup
oh génial

L'Angevine on Fred Usher Cup
oh superbe

Dimitrios on Fred Usher Cup
as a fellow archer, I LIKE IT*

L'Angevine on In the backyard II

Shaahin Bahremand on In the backyard II
nice color

L'Angevine on In the backyard

L'Angevine on Arrow Launched

k@ on Arrow Launched
The light over his head is another arrow, well caught !

Shaahin Bahremand on Arrow Launched
good angle

L'Angevine on Drawing on target

L'angevine on Grillin'
oh bon cadrage et couleurs

omid on Mountain in silhouette
Wonderful view!

L'angevine on clouds on the slope
j'aime cette douceur

DarkElf on Castle Mountain
amazing atmosphere! fantastic work!

omid on Castle Mountain
woooooooooow! very nice shot! such beautiful composition, clouds, colors, lighting & textures! Wonderful view!

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